24 Factors That Will Affect the Rate of EV Adoption (Part 1)

BNEF - EV to ICE cost parity

Forecasting when sales of electric vehicles will go mainstream is not as simple as producing a hockey stick like chart of up and to the right. While many observers believe that we will wake up one day and see electric vehicle (EV) sales suddenly explode, similar to smartphone sales a decade ago, autos are much […]

Electric Vehicles Need a Fundamental Breakthrough to Achieve 100% Adoption

EV breakthrough

Take a look at that car sitting in your garage or driveway. While you may love it, let’s be honest it is a significantly underutilized asset as it probably sits there unused and getting older 95% of the time. It provides no value to you when not in transit (collectors cars aside) and it declines in […]

When Will Electric Vehicles Achieve Mass Consumer Adoption?

Large screen TVs

One of the most hotly debated conversations on various electric vehicle websites is around when electric vehicles (EVs) will achieve mass adoption. The directional answer to this question is pretty simple, predicting the actual timing of crossing the chasm into mainstream consumer sales is much more difficult. In this short post, I will address the […]

500 Miles of Range: One Key to Late Adopters Embracing EVs

500 Mile of EV Range

To achieve adoption by the late majority and laggards, EVs will need a range of 500 miles. If you’ve spit out your coffee at this idea, pull up a chair and hear me out. Electric Vehicles Must Exceed, Not Just Meet ICE Performance “Cleantech has to outperform (fossil fuels) by head and shoulders.” These words […]

Statistics of the Week: Comparing Vehicle Ranges for Gas, BEV and PHEV Models

Range - Gas-BEV-PHEV-1.27.18

Will vehicle range be the biggest hurdle to achieving adoption of electric vehicles by late adopters and laggards in the US? Cost of EVs, availability of attractive models of the type US consumers want (SUVs, CUVs, pickups), adequate charger availability and acceptable charging times should arrive in the next 10 years. And an average range […]

Electric Vehicles Are the Future: So What Are the Implications?

Question mark questions implications of a future of electric vehicles

In my previous post, The Electric Vehicle Question is Now “When?” Rather Than “If?”, I argued that in 2017 it became abundantly clear that battery-powered electric vehicles were the future of transportation. So if the auto and related industries are not arguing about things like hydrogen fuel cell versus battery electric propulsion – what topics and debates […]

The Electric Vehicle Question is Now “When?” Rather Than “If?”

The Economist cover - End of the internal combustion engine August 12, 2017

It is difficult to point to a specific moment in 2017, but a significant milestone occurred. This is when the discussion around electric vehicles as the future of how cars and trucks would be powered, went from a question of “If?” to “When?” As recent as late 2016 and into early 2017, the auto industry […]

Did Mercedes-Benz Just Get Schooled in Social Media By EV and Tesla Fans?

Mercedes-Benz - featured image tweet without car image

On August 3, the following seemingly harmless post appeared on the Mercedes-Benz Retail Twitter account: The Mercedes-Benz social media person or team asked a simple question – “Would you consider switching to an electric car?” – likely in hopes of generating some online engagement with followers and perhaps a little informal research. The conversation started […]

“When Will Electric Cars Go Mainstream?” What Does That Even Mean?

Diffusion of Innovation

On July 8, 2017 the New York Times ran the following headline: If you are passionate about the future of electric vehicles (EVs), you think a lot about trying to answer this question. In fact, this website is primarily focused on attempting to answer this and similar questions around electric vehicles. The question about when […]

When Will an EV Crack the Top 25 Selling Autos in the US Ranking?

GoodCarBadCar-Top 10 Selling Models - June 2017

To date, no EV – either plugin hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric (BEV) – has come anywhere close to breaking into the top 25 sales chart for autos in the US. The 5,850 estimated units of the Tesla Model S sold in December of 2016, would rank 75th in the month of June 2017. This […]