Would A Pure Electric (BEV) F-150 Be A Mistake For Ford?

Ford F-150

Ford executive Jim Farley recently announced some somewhat vague electrification plans for the company’s iconic F-150 pickup, with most people interpreting the statements as to include both some form of a regular hybrid or perhaps plug-in hybrid and a pure electric BEV version. Ford has said the hybrid will reach market in 2020, but did […]

Do You Live in an EV Bubble?

BEV & PHEV Sales by State - January 2011-June 2018 - Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

The last several weeks have been a great reminder for me of the “EV bubble” that I and many people steeped in the world of electric vehicles actually live in. In the past few months I’ve traveled from my suburban location in Northern California to Italy, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Madison (Wisconsin), Boston, Toronto, Las Vegas, […]

EVs Require Consumers to Consider New Factors During Their Vehicle-Purchase Process

Most Important Factors When Buying a Car - Statista

One of the behavioral challenges that electric vehicles present to consumers is that buying an EV requires them to consider entirely new factors and questions. Say you are in your 40s and you’ve been driving and buying cars since your teens. According to various research on what factors consumers consider when buying a car, things […]

The 1% EV Sales Market Share Fallacy

EV Market Share top Calif cities - ICCT - featured image

Read just about any article on electric vehicles in the US and the reporter will use some variation of this phrase: “ … but electric vehicle sales are only 1% of overall auto sales in the US (or world).” (Los Angeles Times) While US EV sales have been hovering in the 1% neighborhood for about […]

24 Factors That Will Affect the Rate of EV Adoption (Part 3)

Decline in solar price

In parts 1 and 2 of this 3-part series I outlined the first 16 of 24 factors that I believe will (or could) impact sales of electric vehicles. These 16 factors included everything from range, model availability, gas prices, charging infrastructure, to economic conditions and government incentives and regulations. In this final part-3 article, I […]

24 Factors That Will Affect the Rate of EV Adoption (Part 2)

Buick - China - Enspire crossover concept

In part 1 of this 3-part series I outlined the first 8 of 24 factors that will (or could) impact sales of electric vehicles. Those 8 factors were generally rather obvious to EV observers: range, model availability, gas prices, EV cost competitiveness, charging infrastructure, charging speed, battery supply and battery technology breakthroughs. In this part […]