BEV Models Currently Available in the US

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Available in the US (As of July 15, 2020)

As of July 15, 2020 there are 13 battery-electric vehicle models available in the US and 18 total including model variants. Tesla (4) Hyundai (2) are the only manufacturers with more than one BEV available. Nissan and Tesla have multiple battery pack options for the LEAF and Model 3, S and X.

When including all variations of the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Models, the average battery range is 253 miles, while the median range is 254 miles. The average Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $54,921 and median price is $45,720.

The Tesla Model S Long Range has the highest battery range at 402 miles. The Fiat 500e pulls up the rear with only 84 miles of battery range. (Note: The Fiat 500e is only available as a 2019 model and in California and Oregon.) The highest range of a non Tesla is the Chevrolet Bolt at 259 miles, which also takes the top prize for the lowest cost per mile of range at $141, followed by the Hyundai Kona Electric (SEL) at 144, and then the Tesla Model 3 Long Range at $146.

If the Tesla models are excluded, the median ranges drops to 215 miles, median cost is $37,695, and median cost per mile increases to $203.

The Chevrolet Bolt has the lowest cost per kWh at $551, followed by the Hyundai Kona Electric has the lowest cost per kWh at $581 with the Nissan LEAF S Plus at $616. The BMW i3 has the highest cost per kWh at $1,058, followed by the Tesla Model X Performance at $1,050.

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is the most efficient BEV as measured by miles per kWh at a ratio of 5.0. The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is second best at 4.44, follow by the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Tesla Model Y Long Range at 4.35 and 4.27 respectively.

Make/ModelRange (miles)MSRPCost / Mile
of Range
Battery Pack
Cost per kWhMiles / kWh
Audi e-tron204$74,800 $36795$7872.15
BMW i3153$44,450 $29142$1,058 3.64
Chevrolet Bolt EV259$36,620 $14166$5553.92
Fiat 500e84$33,460$39824$1,3943.5
Hyundai Ioniq Electric170$33,045$19438.3$8634.44
Hyundai Kona Electric (SEL)258$37,190$14464$5814.03
Jaguar I-PACE234$69,500 $29790$7722.60
Kia Niro EV239$39,790$16664$6213.73
Nissan LEAF S149$31,600$21240$7903.73
Nissan LEAF S PLUS226$38,200$16962$6163.65
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus250$37,990 $15250$7605.00
Tesla Model 3 Long Range322$46,990 $14674$6354.35
Tesla Model 3 Performance299$54,990 $18474$7434.04
Tesla Model S Long Range402$74,990 $187100$7504.02
Tesla Model S Performance348$94,990 $273100$9503.48
Tesla Model Y Long Range316$49,990$15874$6764.27
Tesla Model X Long Range328$84,990 $259100$8503.28
Tesla Model X Performance305$104,990 $344100$1,050 3.05
Average (Mean)253 $54,921$22769.9$8033.72
Median254 $45,720$19170$7663.73

Information as of July 15, 2020 | Research and chart:

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The analysis reveals that there are a few paths to having a high-cost per kWh, including having either a low or moderate price of the vehicle and tiny battery pack, or very high cost and large battery pack. But the Bolt, Kona, LEAF and Model 3 reveal the key to the future and a lower cost per kWh is with a reasonable price of the vehicle combined with a good-sized battery pack.

EPA Range & Miles/kWh of BEVs Available in the US – July 15, 2020

For comparison, the bar chart below is from May of 2019.

Range and Miles of Range per kWh – May 2019

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