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NEVI: Basic + Dates

$73/Month — 1 User

If you want multiple-seat access, please contact us.

Looking for information on all of the state’s NEVI plans, upcoming event dates, and regular emails reminding you of the upcoming deadlines?

EVAdoption has built a National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Plan database that includes the plans for all 50 states (plus District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). As of September 27, all 52 NEVI plans have been approved and published and are available in our database. 

As Seen In

"More than half of the charging stations being built so far from the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law are rising at truck stops and gasoline stations, according to data exclusively provided to E&E News by EVAdoption, an EV data consultancy."

What is Included in the "NEVI: Basic + Dates" Subscription?

Access: Subscribers have 24/7 access and receive regular email notifications with updates that include news and announcements from the states, analysis, new NEVI deadlines, database portal feature changes, and updates.


With the EVAdoption NEVI database you can:

  • Search
  • Sort columns
  • Use filters

Pages/Views/Data Fields:

  • Welcome Page
    • Past NEVI Update Emails
    • Description about the subscription
  • State NEVI Plans
    • Table: 52 NEVI Plans (can export a CSV file)
      • Data Fields: NEVI Plans PDF (both original and updated), NEVI web page, and FHWA approval letter
    • Table: NEVI Plan Funding & Charger Estimates 
      • Data Fields: state, FY 2022 funding (approved), estimated FY funding for 2023-2026, total FHWA funding, percentage of US funding, matching funding, total funding, number of sites (est.), and the number of new DCFCs (est.)
    • Table: State NEVI Program Contact Information
      • Data Fields: state, NEVI mailing list, contact email, phone, and contacts (individuals)
  • NEVI Key Dates & Deadlines 
    • Next 12 Weeks: Applications
      • Data Fields (same fields for all key dates views): state, Event/RFP (events included: draft application feedback, evaluate proposals, letter of intent, projects awarded/deployment begins, public meeting/webinar, public survey, RFI/RFP available, and RFI/RFP submission deadline), Event/Date Type (specific or broad date), NEVI meeting/RFP website or source (NEVI plan), source of date/event, NEVI web page, date, broad timing, timing notes, purpose/overview, in-person or virtual event, meeting materials, and location name/details
    • Next 12 Weeks: Public Meetings/Webinars
    • Search: Key Dates by State and or Event
    • Calendar: By Event Types (RFI/RFP submission deadlines, projects awarded, available RFI/RFP, public meetings/webinars)
  • Regular Email Notifications
    • As a subscriber, you’ll be alerted of new/upcoming dates and deadlines from across the states, other NEVI developments, and our analysis.
    • Previous email example
  • Custom Workspaces (pricing will vary)

    • Let us know what you need to track and we’ll add it to your dashboard. You’ll be able to:

      • Add custom fields

      • Edit and input your own information about specific sites and track your site applications

      • Integrate data from our other EV and EV charging databases


Cost: $73 per month for 1 user, cancel anytime. If you want multiple-seat access, please contact us

If you would like to schedule a demo with us, please fill out the form below.

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$73/month — 1 user

If you want multiple-seat access, please contact us.

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