Vehicles powered by batteries are the clear future of the auto industry. It is no longer a question of “If?” but rather “When?”

In January of 2017, Loren McDonald – a veteran marketing executive, consultant, and marketing evangelist – launched the EVAdoption website, blog and newsletter with the primary goal of attempting to answer this question of “When will mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) occur?” As such, the focus at EVAdoption is monitoring and analyzing industry trends and data to arrive at this answer with a high-level of confidence. 

Our goal at EVAdoption is simply to provide data-driven analysis and forecasts combined with thoughtful insights to industry observers and those companies and organizations that are helping to drive the transition to EVs – or those being affected by it. Our forecasts are based on rigorous analysis of EV sales, auto industry plans, battery advances, charging data, legislation, and economic and consumer trends. 

In addition to the articles and numerous free charts and tables on EVAdoption, we are available for custom research, analysis, and consulting projects. And with more than 3 decades in marketing, EVAdoption is also available to help companies in the EV ecosystem grow their businesses through a variety of marketing programs. 

Loren is also an experienced keynote speaker having delivered more than 350 presentations and webinars to audiences in 19 countries. Loren is an award-winning marketer with 30+ years of experience as a marketing executive, consultant, and marketing evangelist/content marketer at companies including IBM, Arthur Andersen, USWeb/CKS, and Silverpop.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the site information, upcoming blog posts and will subscribe to our newsletter.

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