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04/10/2019 – What Is The “Minimum Acceptable” Ratio Of EVs to Charging Stations?
04/04/2019 – Charging Infrastructure: Is It Critical to Automaker EV Sales Success? | New Charging Network Charts
03/25/2019 – 6 Key Factors Required for EV Sales to Go “Mainstream” in the US | 10 Questions for GM | 100th Blog Post
03/19/2019 – US Reaches 1.97%, California 7.87% EV Share – 2018 Full Year EV Sales and Market Share Statistics
03/12/2019 – 2019 YTD YOY US Sales Lower When Excluding Tesla Model 3 | “More Charging Stations” Biggest Factor to Increase EV Purchases: Volvo/The Harris Poll
03/05/2019 – 8 Reasons Mass Transit Parking Lots Make Ideal EV Charging Centers
02/18/2019 – Why Would Amazon Invest in Rivian? | PHEVs Are Not Dead (Yet): 10 Reasons Why
02/01/2019 – Would A Pure Electric (BEV) F-150 Be A Mistake For Ford?
01/21/2019 – Forecast: 2019 US EV Sales Growth Will Drop To ~12% | Open Letter to Toyota: Kill the Prius (regular hybrid)
01/14/2019 – 2018 US EV Sales Charts | How Accurate Were My 2018 EV Forecasts?
01/04/2019 – US EV sales surpass 2% market share for full-year 2018 | And oops, used the wrong subject line in previous newsletter …
01/02/2019 – 15 Shifts: How The Transition to Electric Vehicles Will Transform Industries, Jobs and the Environment
12/27/2018 – What Should Toyota Do With the Prius? | New US EV Charging Station Statistics
12/03/2018 – US EV Sales to Reach 3.5 Million & Nearly 22% Market Share by 2025 | New EVAdoption Forecast
11/21/2018 – EV Chartapalooza: State-by-state EV Market Share, # of Charging Outlets, Red vs Blue States + more …
11/12/2018 – California EV Sales Market Share Reaches 9.90% in August + October articles
10/28/2018 – Do You Live in an EV Bubble?
10/15/2018 – What Does Commitment to a Future of EVs Mean?
10/03/2018 – US BEV Battery Range Increases an Average 15% Per Year and 38 Miles Each Model Update
09/17/2018 – August & YTD US EV Sales Trends: Hot = Model 3, BMW 530e, Honda Clarity PHEV; Not = Bolt, Fusion Energi & BMW i3