Future EVs

Porsche Mission E - electric carBelow is a sortable table of either announced or rumored electric vehicles (EVs) that are likely to be available in the US in the next 4-5 years. Included is the type of EV – BEV or PHEV – body type, estimated battery range, estimated cost and estimated year when it is expected to be available in the US. In many cases the estimated cost and range is an educated guess by us or various media outlets. Brands are listed under the name of the parent company to convey which automakers have the most or fewest EVs in the works.

Check out images and a brief snapshot of new (or updated) electric vehicles:

Parent Company
EV Type
Body Type
Est. Range
Est. Base MSRP
Est. Avail-
Aston MartinAston MartinRapidEBEVSedan200 (+)$250,000 2020
Aston MartinAston MartinDBXBEVCUV200$225,000 2021
BMWBMWiX3BEVSUV210$50,000 2020
BMWBMWi4BEVSedan350$75,000 2021
BMWBMWiNextBEVCUV375$90,000 2022
BMWBMWX5 xDrive40iPHEVSUV40$62,000 2020 (Q4)
BMWMiniCooper S EBEVHatchback114$37,5002020 (Q1)
Bollinger MotorsBollinger MotorsB1 Sport Utility Truck (SUT)BEVWork/adventure truck200$125,0002021
Bollinger MotorsBollinger MotorsB2 pickupBEVPickup200$125,0002021
Daimler AGMercedes-BenzEQABEVHatchback250$55,000 2021
Daimler AGMercedes-BenzEQCBEVSUV225$75,000 2020
Daimler AGMercedes-BenzEQSBEVSedan310$100,000 2021
Daimler AGMercedes-BenzGLEPHEVSUV50$65,000 2021
Daimler AGMercedes-MaybachTBDBEVCUV275$175,000 2021
Faraday FutureFaraday FutureFF91BEVCUV378$180,000 2022
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)ChryslerPortal conceptBEVMinivan225$35,000 2021
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)JeepRenegadePHEVSUV25$28,000 2020
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)JeepWranglerPHEVSUV25$35,000 2020
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)MaseratiAlfieriPHEVSports car25$175,000 2021
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)MaseratiLevantePHEVSUV25$90,000 2020
Ford Motor Co.FordEscapePHEVSUV30$35,000 2020 (Q2)
Ford Motor Co.FordTBD (FKA MACH1)BEVSUV300$40,000 2020 (Q4)
Ford Motor Co.LincolnAviatorPHEVSUV32$70,000 2019 (Q3)
Fisker, Inc.FiskerEMotionBEVSedan400$129,900 2021
GeelyVolvoXC40BEVSUV222$58,000 2020 (Q4)
GeelyVolvoXC90BEVSUV300$65,000 2022
GeelyPolestarPolestar 1PHEVSports coupe65$155,0002020 (Q1)
GeelyPolestarPolestar 2BEVCoupe/Sedan275$63,000 2020 (Q4)
General MotorsCadillac"EV" -TBDBEVCUV250$75,000 2021
American Honda Motor Co.HondaFitBEVHatchback150$22,000 2021
Hyundai Motor GroupGenesisGV80PHEVCUV30$75,000 2021
Hyundai Motor GroupGenesisEssentiaBEVSports car290$100,000 2022
Hyundai Motor GroupKiaStonicBEVSUV190$26,000 2020
Hyundai Motor GroupKiaSoul EVBEVCUV243$36,000 2021
Tata / Jaguar Land RoverLand RoverRange Rover PHEV P400ePHEVSUV22$95,950 2019 (Q3)
Tata / Jaguar Land RoverLand RoverRange Rover Sport PHEVSUV22$79,000 2019 (Q3)
Lucid MotorsLucid MotorsLucid AirBEVSedan240; 315; 400$52,500 2021
Mazda Motor CorporationMazdaTBDBEVCUV150$35,000 2021
Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi AllianceNissanLEAFBEVHatchback225$35,000 2019 (Q3)
Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi AllianceNissaniMXBEVCUV225$38,000 2021
Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi AllianceMitsubishiOutlanderPHEVSUV38$36,000 2020
RimacRimacC_TwoBEVSports car400$2,000,000 2021
Rivian AutomotiveRivianR1TBEVPickup230, 300, 400$70,000 - $100,0002020 (Q4)
Rivian AutomotiveRivianR1SBEVSUV230, 300, 400$70,000 - $100,0002021
SokonSF MotorsSF5BEVCUV300$60,000 2021
TeslaTeslaModel YBEVCUV300$48,000 2020 (Q4)
TeslaTeslaModel PBEVPickup300$45,000 2023
TeslaTeslaRoadsterBEVSports car620$200,000 2022
Toyota Motor Corp.ToyotaRAV4PHEVSUV30$32,0002020 (Q4)
Volkswagen GroupAudie-tron SportsbackBEVSports activity coupe275$90,000 2020
Volkswagen GroupAudiA9 e-tronBEVSedan248$95,000 2021
Volkswagen GroupAudie-tron GTBEVSedan248$90,000 2020 (Q4)
Volkswagen GroupAudiQ8PHEVSUV37$55,000 2021
Volkswagen GroupBentleyBentaygaPHEVSUV31$190,000 2020
Volkswagen GroupBentleyEXP12 Speed 6e conceptBEVSports car / convertible295$225,000 2021
Volkswagen GroupLamborghiniUrusPHEVSUV27$225,000 2021
Volkswagen GroupPorscheTaycanBEVSports car250$80,000 2020
Volkswagen GroupPorscheMisson E CUVBEVCUV250$95,000 2022
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenI.D. BUZZBEVVan/minibus250$45,000 2022
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenI.D. VIZZIONBEVSedan400$75,000 2022
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenI.D. 4BEVCUV260 $45,000 2020 (Q4)
Workhorse Group IncorporatedWorkhorseW-15PHEVPickup80$52,000 2021

Brands that have not announced any specific future electric vehicle models that will be available in the US include:

  • Acura
  • Dodge
  • Fiat*
  • GMC
  • Infiniti
  • Lexus
  • Ram
  • smart*
  • Toyota*

*Fiat, smart and Toyota currently have EVs available in the US, but have not announced any specific future electric vehicle models and timeline for the US market. smart vehicles will not be distributed in the US beginning in 2020 after remaining inventory is sold.

If you spot an error or know of an announced EV (that is expected to be available in the US), email loren at evadoption.com with the details!