New Electric Vehicles in 2021

Following is a sortable table of 30 (25 BEV, 5 PHEV) new electric vehicles that are expected to become available in the US in 2021, or models where widespread deliveries began after January 1, 2021.


  • Availability of a few of these models is very likely to be delayed until 2022, including the Tesla Cybertruck.
  • The Ford Mustang Mach-E had a small number of deliveries the last week of December 2020, but since deliveries were so small, we are counting the Mustang Mach-E as new in 2021.
  • The Tesla Model Y Standard Range is included because while the Model Y is not new, with the lower price point and smaller battery pack/shorter range – the Standard Range is a significant new entry to the US market.


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