Custom Charts & Reports

Are you in need of custom charts, data or reports on:

  • Historical or future forecasted sales of electric vehicles?
  • Historical data or forecasts on EV charging deployments?
  • Number of EV models available by year: past, present or future?
  • EV models by various criteria such as EPA range, battery size, MSRP, etc?
  • Other data such as EV startups, number of factories producing EVs, etc.?


EVAdoption specializes in producing custom EV-related research reports and charts and graphs. Our clients are automakers, suppliers, auto industry service companies, investment firms, EV charging companies, and investment/financial firms. Companies typically use the data or charts in presentations, to inform business and investment strategies and decisions, or to benchmark against others, or provide input to policy decisions.

If you are looking for specific EV-related data, please complete the form below and we will get back to you with a cost quote generally within 24-48 hours.