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EVs With 300 Miles or More of EPA Range

In survey after survey a majority of American drivers have responded that before they will consider purchasing an electric vehicle, it must have 300 or more miles of battery range. And until 2021, only Tesla with its Models S, X, 3 and Y had versions with 300 or more miles of range.

But as many as 12 EVs (21 when including the different trims, but NOT different wheel sizes) with 300 or more miles of range — including six with 400 or more — are expected to be available in the US between now and the end of 2022. This includes the upcoming Lucid Motors Air Dream Edition Range and Air Grand Touring, the first EVs to receive an EPA range rating of more than 500 miles.

Below is a sortable table of the “300 Club” — those current or expected EVs with 300 or more miles of range. When it arrives in 2023, the Lucid Motors Air Pure should be the most efficient EV available in the US with 5.41 miles of range per kWh of battery. (See any EVs missing, send us a note via our contact form.


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