EV Models Currently Available in the US

Following are all of the electric vehicles (EVs) currently available in the US as of November 22, 2019. This sortable table includes both all-electric (battery electric – BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). You can view separate tables of each, here:

Make / ModelPHEV
or BEV

Cost /
Mile of

Audi Q5PHEV20$52,900$2,64514.1$3,7511.42
BMW i3BEV153$44,450 $29142$1,058 3.64
BMW 330ePHEV22$43,700 $1,986 7.0$2843.14
BMW 530ePHEV30$52,395 $1,747 9.2$1903.26
BMW 740e xDrivePHEV28$90,095 $3,218 9.2$3503.04
BMW X5 xDrive 40ePHEV14$63,200 $4,514 9.0$5021.56
Chevrolet Bolt EVBEV238$36,620 $15460$6103.97
Chrysler Pacifica HybridPHEV33$41,995 $1,273 16.0$802.06
Fiat 500eBEV87$33,320 $38324$1,388 3.63
Ford Fusion Energi PHEVPHEV21$33,120 $1,577 7.0$2253.00
Honda Clarity PHEVPHEV47$33,400 $71117.0$422.76
Hyundai IONIQ PHEVPHEV29$24,950 $8609.0$963.22
Hyundai Ioniq ElectricBEV124$30,315 $24428$1,083 4.43
Hyundai Kona ElectricBEV258$36,450 $14164$5704.03
Hyundai Sonata PHEVPHEV27$34,600 $1,281 10.0$1282.70
Jaguar I-PACEBEV234$69,500 $29790$7722.6
Kia Soul EVBEV111$33,950 $30630$1,132 3.7
Kia Niro PHEVPHEV26$27,900 $1,073 8.9$1212.92
Kia Optima Plug-In HybridPHEV29$35,210 $1,214 10.0$1212.90
Mercedes C350ePHEV11$46,050 $4,186 6.0$6981.83
Mercedes GLC 350ePHEV15$49,990 $3,333 8.7$3831.72
Mercedes GLE 550ePHEV12$66,300 $5,525 9.0$6141.33
Mercedes S550 PHEVPHEV20$95,650 $4,783 13.0$3681.54
Mini Cooper S E Countryman All4PHEV12$36,800 $3,067 8.0$3831.50
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVPHEV22$34,595 $1,573 13.8$1141.59
Nissan LEAF SBEV150$29,990 $20040$7503.75
Nissan LEAF S PLUSBEV226$36,550 $16262$5903.65
Porsche Cayenne S E-HybridPHEV14$79,900 $5,707 11.0$5191.27
Porsche Panamera E-HybridPHEV16$99,600 $6,225 11.0$5661.45
Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (PHEV)PHEV17$35,970$2,1168.8$4,0881.93
Tesla Model 3 Standard RangeBEV220$35,000 $15950$7004.4
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range PlusBEV240$37,500 $15450$7404.8
Tesla Model 3 Long RangeBEV325$44,500 $13278.3$5494.15
Tesla Model S Long RangeBEV335$85,000 $248100$8303.35
Tesla Model S PerformanceBEV315$99,000 $314100$9903.15
Tesla Model X Long RangeBEV295$89,500 $298100$8802.95
Tesla Model X PerformanceBEV289$104,000 $360100$1,040 2.89
Toyota Prius PrimePHEV25$27,100 $1,084 9.0$1202.78
Volvo S90 T8 PHEVPHEV21$64,645 $3,078 10.4$2962.02
Volvo XC90 PHEVPHEV17$67,800 $3,988 10.4$3831.63
Volvo XC60 T8 PHEVPHEV18$53,895 $2,994 10.4$2881.73

Information as of November 22, 2019 | Research and chart: EVAdoption.com

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The analysis reveals that there are a few paths to having a high-cost per kWh, including having either a low or moderate price of the vehicle and tiny battery pack, or very high cost and large battery pack. But the Bolt, Kona, LEAF and Model 3 reveal the key to the future and a lower cost per kWh is with a reasonable price of the vehicle combined with a good-sized battery pack.

Range and Miles of Range per kWh

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