EV Sales

Updated: May 4, 2019

Through the month of April 2019, US EV sales are up 10.1% over the same period in 2018. April sales increased 8.3% over April of 2018.

The Pareto Principle (“80/20 rule”) trend continues in the US with the top 10 selling EVs accounting for 82.4% of YTD sales out of 45 models now available.

Tesla continues to account for +/- 50% of US EV sales, but reached 56.1% in April, but a low of 43.1% in February. YTD Tesla averaging a 50.7% share of sales. While nice bragging rights for Tesla and its fans, this is not a good trend overall as it means that the US EV market is still fundamentally being drive by one manufacturer that only produces electric vehicles.

15 Charts Covering US Electric Vehicle Sales in 2018



Who has sold the moist EVs (BEV + PHEV) since 2010? Below is a chart with sales percentage for EVs by automaker through October 2018:

US EV Sales Share by Manufacturer-2010-Oct 2018

Using data from the InsideEV Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard, each month we will update the ranking of the top-12 selling electric vehicles (EVs) in the US, and provide our observations of trends in a related blog post.

Here are is latest ranking and charts using data through October of 2018.

Top 12 EVs Jan-Oct 2018US EV Sales_ Top 12 EVs As % of Total, Tesla as % of Total; Model 3 as % of Total