Why The Ford F-150 Lightning Is The Most Important EV Ever

Ford F-150 Lighting - powering chain saw after storm

When the Ford F-150 Lightning BEV reaches dealers in the spring or summer of 2022, it will wear the mantle as the most important electric vehicle introduced to date in America. Wait, you might be thinking to yourself, what about the Tesla Model S which single-handedly changed the image of EVs from glorified golf carts […]

Reducing Carbon Emissions Quickly Is the Goal – Not Quarter-Mile Times

Last week Tesla revealed that its new Model S Plaid EV could reach a speed of near 200 MPH and reach 0 to 60 MPH in 1.99 seconds. While this performance feat is certainly impressive, it detracts from the primary goal of electric vehicles which is to help reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector as quickly as possible.

2030: 20 Million More ICE Vehicles Will Be on the Roads in the US Than in 2021


US sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase significantly this decade, however, by the end of 2030 EVs will still comprise only a tiny percentage of vehicles in operation (VIO) and the number of internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE) will actually increase by 20 million. These are the findings of new EVAdoption analysis. To […]

Price Parity is Not the Key to EV Adoption in the US


Lower battery prices and electric vehicles reaching price parity will be key enablers to driving mass adoption of EVs in the US. But battery and model supply along with ubiquitous charging and consumer comfort with electric refueling are bigger factors that will limit growth in EV sales in the US in the near term.

Multi-Vehicle Households in the US: A Huge Opportunity For Lower-Range EVs

3-car garage house

As EV fast charging infrastructure gets built out and 200 miles of range can be added in ~20 minutes, then range and charging concerns become secondary to vehicle cost. In the near term, offering shorter-range EVs to 2 or more car households at a lower price point might be one of the key approaches to significantly increasing EV sales in the US.

EV Adoption in the US: A Supply, Rather Than Demand Issue


One of the comments you often hear from legacy automakers and the anti-electric vehicle camp is that “consumers don’t want EVs.”  “There are no customer requests for BEVs. None. There are regulator requests for BEVs, but no customer requests.” – Klaus Frölich, via Forbes These electric vehicle “nega-Bobs” will usually tout that either only 1% or […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are Becoming An Important Lodging Guest Amenity

Tesla Destination charger - site image

For the lodging industry, the growth of electric vehicles provide both challenges and opportunities to ownership and management. As ownership of EVs increases and the average range of pure electric vehicles closes in on 300 miles, EV-driving guests will be taking more road trips and increasingly expect that lodging hosts offer several charging station options on their property.

Electric Vehicles Aren’t Weird Looking Anymore, But Is That a Good Thing?

Audi e-tron SUV

In a few years when EVs start to become more mainstream, being normal and just being viewed as another car will be a good thing. But for the near term, and in markets where EVs are primarily only being purchased by “early adopters,” EV models have to stand out and be differentiated in a fairly significant way to see exceptional sales.