Huge Flaws in Federal EV Tax Credit Will Hurt US Automakers Beginning in 2020

Future GM Electric Crossover

The survival of the Federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit is a good thing for the auto industry and consumers, but several flaws in its design will give EV laggard automakers a significant competitive advantage beginning around 2020. As background, the Federal EV tax credit phases out over 5 quarters beginning the quarter following the […]

Electric Vehicle Predictions for 2018: EV Charging

Tesla-Kettleman-City-Supercharger-center -featured image

It is that time of year for the cavalcade of lists of predictions to start appearing in the media and blogs. So with that in mind I will do my best Carnac the Magnificent impression and share my electric vehicle predictions for 2018. This predictions post will focus on developments in EV charging technology and […]

US Sales Trends for the “Big 6” EVs Through August 2017

Jan-Aug 2017 Big 6 EV Sales - line chart

After 8 months or two-thirds of 2017, it is pretty clear that GM’s Chevrolet Bolt is finally hitting its sales stride in the US. The “Big 6” EVs – Tesla Model S and X, Chevrolet Bolt and Volt, Toyota Prius Prime and Nissan LEAF – continue outpacing all other battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in […]

Bolt Surpasses Prius Prime Sales in June; EV Sales Up 38% YTD Over 2016

EV US Sales-Market Share-Jan-June 2017

Analyzing EV sales numbers from InsideEVs Monthly Sales Scorecard for the month of June and YTD 2017 uncovers three key trends so far this year: EV Sales Are Trending Above 1% of Total US Auto Sales EV sales as a percentage of total US auto sales have surpassed 1% a few times in previous years, but […]

6 Strategic Mistakes GM Made With the Chevrolet Bolt (Part 3: Price is too high)

Chevy Bolt-starting price

At a base price of $34,000 to $39,000 the Bolt seems too expensive for the car that it is. The Premium version of the Bolt, which doesn’t actually have much of a premium feel, will run you nearly $43,000, before tax incentives. At that price I wouldn’t expect manual seat controls and a plastic dash. Someone […]