Future EVs

Porsche Mission E - electric carBelow is a sortable table of either announced or rumored electric vehicles (EVs) that are likely to be available in the US by 2022. If information is available, we’ve included the type of EV – BEV or PHEV – model type, estimated battery range, estimated cost and year when it is expected to be available. In some cases the estimated cost and range has not been verified by the automaker, but is an educated guess by various media outlets.

Also included is the name of the parent company so that you can sort by the parent brands to see which automakers are leaders and which are laggards. We’ve also identified 8 brands have not announced any future EVs – we’ve listed them after the table below.

Parent Company
EV Type
Body Type
Est. Range
Est. Base
Est. Avail-
Aston MartinAston MartinRapidEBEVsedan200$250,0002019
Aston MartinAston MartinDBXBEVCUVN/A$225,000 (*)2020
BMWBMW3 SeriesBEVN/A250$35,000 2018
BMWBMW4 Series GTBEVcoupe311$52,100 2020
BMWBMW4 Series GTPHEVcoupe311N/A2020
BMWBMWi8 ConceptFCVsports carN/AN/A2021
BMWMiniMini EBEVN/A100N/A2019
Bollinger MotorsBollinger MotorsSport Utility Truck (SUT)BEVpickup / SUV200$60,000 (*)2018
Daimler AGMercedes-BenzEQBEVSUV / CUV310N/A2022
Daimler AGMercedes-BenzS Class PHEVPHEVsedan31N/A2018
Daimler AGMercedes-MaybachVision Mercedes-Maybach 6BEVcoupe200N/AN/A
Faraday FutureFaraday FutureFF91BEVCUV378$180,000 (*)2019
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)ChryslerPortal conceptBEVCUV250N/A2019
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)JeepYuntuPHEVSUV40N/AN/A
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)MaseratiAlfieriBEVsports carN/AN/A2020
Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)MaseratiLavantePHEVSUV14N/AN/A
Ford Motor Co.FordEscapePHEVSUVest: 20-30N/A2019
Ford Motor Co.FordN/ABEVSUV300$40,000 (*)2020
Ford Motor Co.LincolnMKCPHEVSUVest: 20-30N/A2019
Fisker, Inc.FiskerEMotionBEVsedan400$129,900 2019
GeelyVolvo40.1 conceptBEVSUV250$35,000 - $40,0002019
GeelyVolvo40.2 conceptBEVsedanN/AN/AN/A
GeelyVolvoN/ABEVN/AN/AN/A2019 - 2021
GeelyVolvoN/ABEVN/AN/AN/A2019 - 2021
GeelyVolvoN/ABEVN/AN/AN/A2019 - 2021
GeelyPolestarN/ABEVN/AN/A$35,000 - $40,0002019
GeelyPolestarN/ABEVN/AN/AN/A2019 - 2021
General MotorsBuickN/ABEVCUV238$40,0002019
General MotorsCadillacXT4PHEVCUVN/AN/A2019
Honda MotorsHondaN/ABEVN/AN/AN/AN/A
Hyundai Motor GroupHyundaiKona (BEV version)BEVSUV200$39,000 2018
Hyundai Motor GroupHyundaiFE Fuel ConceptFCVSUV500N/A2018
Hyundai Motor GroupKiaStonicBEVSUV186N/A2018
Hyundai Motor GroupKiaNiro (BEV version)BEVwagon200$39,0002018
Tata / Jaguar Land RoverJaguarI-Pace ConceptBEVSUV220N/A2018
KarmaKarmaReveroPHEVsedan50$130,000 2017
Lucid MotorsLucid MotorsLucid AirBEVsedan240; 315; 400$52,500 2019
Mazda Motor CorporationMazdaN/ABEVCUVN/AN/A2019
Mazda Motor CorporationMazdaN/APHEVN/AN/AN/A2021
Renault-Nissan AllianceInfinitiEmerg-E conceptBEVsports carN/AN/A2020
Renault-Nissan AllianceNissanIDS ConceptBEVhatchback340N/A2020
Rivian AutomotiveRivianN/ABEVN/AN/AN/A2019
Fuji Heavy IndustriesSuburuN/APHEVCUVN/AN/A2018
Fuji Heavy IndustriesSuburuN/ABEVCUVN/AN/A2021
TeslaTeslaModel 3BEVsedan220$35,000 2018
TeslaTeslaModel YBEVCUV250 (*)$40,000 (*)2020
TeslaTeslaModel PBEVpickupN/AN/A2021
TeslaTeslaRoadsterBEVsports car620$200,000
Toyota Motor Corp.ToyotaN/ABEVN/A186N/A2020
Volkswagen GroupAudieTron SportsbackBEVcoupe / CUV275-310N/A2019
Volkswagen GroupAudieTron QuattroBEVSUV310N/A2018
Volkswagen GroupAudiA9 eTronBEVsedan310$120,000 2020
Volkswagen GroupAudiQ8PHEVSUV37.3N/A2018
Volkswagen GroupBentleyBentaygaPHEVSUVN/AN/A2018
Volkswagen GroupBentleyEXP12 Speed 6e conceptBEVsports car / convertible295N/AN/A
Volkswagen GroupLamborghiniUrusPHEVSUVN/AN/A2020
Volkswagen GroupPorscheMisson EBEVsports car310N/A2020
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenIDBEVhatchback300$30,000 - $35,0002020
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenBudd-eBEVvan233N/A2020
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenID BuzzBEVminivan373N/A2022
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenID CrozzBEVCUV311N/A2020
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenID LoungeBEVN/AN/AN/A2020 - 2021
Volkswagen GroupVolkswagenID AeroEBEVN/AN/AN/A2020 - 2021
Workhorse Group IncorporatedWorkhorseW-15PHEVpickup80$52,000 2018

(*) Speculation or educated guesses

Brands that have not announced any future new electric vehicles include:

  • Acura
  • Dodge
  • Fiat*
  • GMC
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • smart*

*Fiat and smart currently have EVs available in the US, but have not announced any future electric vehicles.

If you spot an error or know of an announced EV (that is expected to be available in the US), email loren at evadoption.com with the details!