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Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Available in the US (As of June 17, 2017)

As of June 17, 2017 there are 13* battery-electric vehicles available in the US. Tesla remains the only manufacturer with more than one BEV available (Models S and X). (*The Mitsubishi i MiEV is not listed on the Mitsubishi website and according to InsideEVs, the car sold zero units in May of 2017 and only 6 total in 2017. We will try to verify the availability status in the coming weeks.)

The average battery range is 173 miles, while the more accurate median range is 124 miles. The average base price is $58,237 and median price is $37,495.

The Tesla Model S 100D has the highest battery range at 335 miles. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV andsSmart fortwo electric drive pull up the rear with 62 and 68 miles respectively. The highest range of a non Tesla is of course the GM’s Chevrolet Bolt at 238 miles. In a landslide, the Bolt takes the top prize for the lowest cost per mile of range at $158. The $145,000 high-performance Tesla Model S P100D not surprisingly has the highest cost per mile at $502.

If the Tesla models are excluded, the median ranges drops to 107 miles and median cost of $30,680. Median cost per mile actually increases $10 when the Tesla models are excluded.

Current BEVs-Price-range-battery-cost-per-mile-kWh-6.19.17

The Chevrolet Bolt has the lowest cost per kWh at $625 with the Tesla Model S 75 a distant second at $925 and Model S 100D third at $975.

Looking at the cost per kWh of an EV’s battery pack, six BEVs are at or above $1,400. The smart fortwo electric drive takes the high-cost crown at $1,471 because of its small battery pack of 17 kWh. The BMW i3 has the second highest cost perkWh at $,464 followed by the Tesla Model X P100D.

The analysis reveals that there are several ways to achieve a high-cost per kWh, including having either have a low cost and tiny battery pack, or very high cost and large battery pack. But the Bolt reveals the key to the future with a reasonable price combined with a good-sized battery pack.

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