Canoo Pickup, Kia EV6, Honda and Mini EV Plans: EV Week in Review – Mar 9-15

2022 Kia EV6 - side view

Another crazy week in the world of EVs, with lots of announcements on the automaker and battery front. The reveals of the Canoo pickup and Kia EV6 have heads turning and yet another automaker, BMW-owned Mini this time announced plans that it would only produce battery-electric vehicles from 2030. And EV straggler Honda shed a bit more light on its upcoming EVs built on GM’s Ultium battery and powertrain platform.

Is GM Serious About EVs? 

GM Hamtramck EV production press conference

Change at the automakers is all about the leadership, passion and commitment of its people. Of the 5 GM executives I got to spend time with I found every one of them to be insanely smart and experienced in EVs/batteries/charging – and were not just ICE power train managers who moved over to the “electrification” project.

10 Questions for GM in Light of Their Latest EV Announcement

Future GM Electric Crossover

On Friday March 22, GM announced that it will invest $300 million in its Orion Township, Michigan, factory (where the Chevrolet Bolt BEV is assembled) and it would launch a new BEV based on the Bolt platform. According to GM’s press release, “It (the new EV) will be designed and engineered off an advanced version […]

Huge Flaws in Federal EV Tax Credit Will Hurt US Automakers Beginning in 2020

Future GM Electric Crossover

The survival of the Federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit is a good thing for the auto industry and consumers, but several flaws in its design will give EV laggard automakers a significant competitive advantage beginning around 2020. As background, the Federal EV tax credit phases out over 5 quarters beginning the quarter following the […]