How An Increase In Telecommuting Might Impact The EV Charging Mix

Workplace charging has long been touted as one of the keys to electric vehicle adoption, particularly in major urban and suburban office markets. But as potentially millions of office workers continue to permanently work from home a majority of the time after stay-at-home orders are rescinded, how might this impact the role of workplace charging in the coming years?

What’s the Future of Oil Changing Shops When Cars Go Electric?

When most cars and trucks are powered by batteries and electric motors in the US, what will happen to those popular oil change service shops? If you are on owner of an oil changing service center in the US, there is no need to worry about your business starting to dry up for probably at […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are Becoming An Important Lodging Guest Amenity

Tesla Destination charger - site image

For the lodging industry, the growth of electric vehicles provide both challenges and opportunities to ownership and management. As ownership of EVs increases and the average range of pure electric vehicles closes in on 300 miles, EV-driving guests will be taking more road trips and increasingly expect that lodging hosts offer several charging station options on their property.

500 Miles of Range: One Key to Late Adopters Embracing EVs

500 Mile of EV Range

To achieve adoption by the late majority and laggards, EVs will need a range of 500 miles. If you’ve spit out your coffee at this idea, pull up a chair and hear me out. Electric Vehicles Must Exceed, Not Just Meet ICE Performance “Cleantech has to outperform (fossil fuels) by head and shoulders.” These words […]

Top 10 EVs Comprise 80% of US Sales; Expect Little Change in 2018

US Top 10 Sales Percent of Total EV Sales jan-Sep 2017

While electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to see strong growth, the majority of sales in the US come from just a handful of models. Through September, the top 10 selling EVs (see chart) comprise exactly 80% of all US electric vehicle sales. Currently there are 35 plug-in hybrid (PHEVs) and battery electric (BEVs) available on […]

US Sales Trends for the “Big 6” EVs Through August 2017

Jan-Aug 2017 Big 6 EV Sales - line chart

After 8 months or two-thirds of 2017, it is pretty clear that GM’s Chevrolet Bolt is finally hitting its sales stride in the US. The “Big 6” EVs – Tesla Model S and X, Chevrolet Bolt and Volt, Toyota Prius Prime and Nissan LEAF – continue outpacing all other battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in […]

US Big 3 Auto: EVs Today and Tomorrow

Big 3 auto logos

Are the Big 3 auto companies – General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler – serious about electric cars? Let’s look at their recent/current plug-in hybrid and pure battery electric model offerings: That’s it, 3 currently available battery electric vehicles and 5 plug-in hybrids. Two models (Cadillac ELR and Chevrolet Spark) were discontinued in 2016 and […]