EV Market Share – California

Electric Vehicle Market Share for California

With EV sales market share hovering around 50 percent of the entire US, California is key to EV adoption in the US.

California-IHS Markit-2013-1Q1-2017 - EV+ hybrid Market Share

Looking at the first 3 months of 2017 for California we see significant growth in pure battery electric (BEV) sales, with a jump to 2.7%. This is a significant milestone as BEVs have now crossed over from the Innovator stage (0-2.5%) and into the Early Adopter (2.5%-16%) phase of technology adoption.

Plug-in hybrid sales reached 2.1%, a nice 0.4 percentage point lift over the full-year 2016 of 1.7%. And combined PHEV and BEV sales climbed to 4,8% for Q1, compared to 3.6% for all of 2016.

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