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  • Forecasts of market size
  • Timing of market adoption
  • Business opportunities and threats

Consulting & Advisory

Advising companies and investors on strategies to address the business opportunities and threats that will result from the transition to electric vehicles

Research Reports

Businesses such as auto suppliers, apartment owners, retailers, hotel companies, and auto service companies along with state and city governments are trying to understand how quickly electric vehicle (EVs) sales will grow in their market(s). For auto suppliers and service companies like quick lube and engine repair shops, the growth of EVs will fundamentally require a reshaping of their business or they face significant decline in revenue in the coming years.

For apartment, mall, hotel, parking lot and office park owners, retailers, universities, and others a key question around EV adoption generally is focused on aligning the installation of EV charging stations (type and number) in parallel with or ahead of EV sales growth and cumulative EVs in operation. And state/province, city, regional, and other government and NGOs look to align zero-emission transportation goals and programs with likely future EVs.

is focused on helping companies, industry organizations, regulators and investors understand the answers to key questions

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