The key question around electric vehicle (EV) adoption has gone from “If?” to “When?”

Businesses such as auto suppliers, apartment owners, retailers, hotel companies, and auto service companies along with state and city governments are trying to understand how quickly electric vehicle (EVs) sales will grow in their market(s). For auto suppliers and service companies like quick lube and engine repair shops, the growth of EVs will fundamentally require a reshaping of their business or they face significant decline in revenue in the coming years.

For apartment, mall, hotel, parking lot and office park owners, retailers, universities, and others a key question around EV adoption generally is focused on aligning the installation of EV charging stations (type and number) in parallel with or ahead of EV sales growth and cumulative EVs in operation. And state/province, city, regional, and other government and NGOs look to align zero emission transportation goals and programs with likely future EVs.

EVAdoption, through its principal Loren McDonald, is focused on helping companies, industry organizations, regulators and investors understand the answers to key questions, such as:

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EVAdoption helps companies address these questions and electric vehicle threats and opportunities through:

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Our group was coming from a position of having little fact-based knowledge of the market for EVs and the future of developments in this transportation revolution.  In addition, we were looking for guidance on how the progression of EVs as an accepted transportation alternative with growing market share could affect our own position as suppliers of production equipment for the traditional fossil fuel automotive industry. Thanks to Loren, we were able to come up the knowledge curve very thoroughly and rapidly, as well as obtain information that will allow us to plan future strategies as suppliers to this evolving EV industry.  All of our members came away from our meeting with Loren very pleased with his knowledge transfer style, and his interaction with his audience.

Mike Whitney, Facilitator
Business Improvement Forum

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