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Top 10 Most Popular Articles + My Favorites from 2019 

Between EVAdoption (45) and CleanTechnica (10), in 2019 I wrote 55 articles about electric vehicle and charging trends. To wrap up the year, I decided to share the top 10 EVAdoption articles based on page views and my personal favorites from both EVAdoption and CleanTechnica.

Top 10 Most Viewed Articles

As we approach the end of 2019, it is always fun and informative to look at your Google Analytics statistics to see which articles were the most popular, at least as measured by page views.

I’ve shared the top 10 articles below and am happy to report that the topics are quite a mix and that only two of them have the word “Tesla” in their titles. 

1. 26 New EVs to Be Available in the US in 2019-2020 (New Analysis) – May 15, 2019

2. 15 Shifts: How The Transition to Electric Vehicles Will Transform Industries, Jobs and the Environment – January 1, 2019

Royal Dutch Shell Recharge center-Gerard Til : Hollandse Hoogte

3. PHEVs Are Not Dead (Yet): 10 Reasons Why – February 11, 2019

4. All-Time Top-Selling EV Models and Brands in the US – Model 3 and Tesla Dominate – April 14, 2019

5. Will 2021 Be The Breakout Year for EVs in the US? – September 29


6. US EV Charging Network Statistics Through March 31, 2019 – April 20

7. What Is The “Minimum Acceptable” Ratio Of EVs to Charging Stations? – April 8

8. EV Adoption in the US: A Supply, Rather Than Demand Issue – August 24

EV Models Available Per State (2018)Top-Bottom 6 States-Whole#
EV Models Available Per State (2018)Top-Bottom 6 States-Whole#

9. Is An Electric F-150 A Big Mistake By Ford? – July 29

10. How are the “Tesla Killers” Faring So Far in the US? – July 5

EVAdoption Article Personal Favorites From 2019

The above articles were the most visited EVAdoption articles that were published in 2019, but the following were the articles that I personally found the most interesting or was most proud of this year. Additionally, I would include the number 2, 3, 7 and 8 articles above on my favorites list. Articles are listed in reverse order by date.

1. What Services and Amenities Might The Urban Charging Center of the Future Offer? – November 10


2. 8 Reasons Mass Transit Parking Lots Make Ideal EV Charging Centers – March 3

3. 6 Key Factors Required for EV Sales to Go “Mainstream” in the US – March 24

Range anxiety top concern - Volvo Cars/Harris Poll
Source: Volvo Cars/Harris Poll

4. Charging Infrastructure: Is It Critical to Automaker EV Sales Success? – April 3

5. 8 Factors That Will Affect the Number, Type and Location of Charging Stations Needed to Support Electric Vehicles – April 20

6. PG&E Power Shut Downs: Implications and Opportunities for Electric Vehicles – October 13

rural building fire-pexel
Image Source: Pexels

7. The Federal EV Tax Credit Needs To Be Torn Up (Part 1): What Are The Right Goals? – September 14

8. Average Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is a Useless Indicator of Required BEV Range by US Consumers – August 12

9. Presentation: “When Will EVs ‘Cross the Chasm’ Into the Mainstream in the US?” – June 16 – Why a favorite?: Selfishly, just because this was about a presentation I delivered at an automotive conference and which was very well received and was the public release of regression analysis project I had conducted prior to the conference.

7 variables with high correlation to EV sales share

10. States With Greater Availability of EV Models Average 10 Times Higher Share of Sales – May 31

CleanTechnica Article Personal Favorites From 2019

In 2019, I only contributed 10 articles to CleanTechnica, as I instead focused most of my energy on analysis and articles for EVAdoption. But of the 10 articles I did write for CleanTechnica, the following are my top 5 favorite:

1. Forecast: 2019 US EV Sales Growth Will Drop To ~12% – January 20

2. Advertising Is The Last Thing Tesla Should Do – July 2

3. Volta: Staking A Different Path Among EV Charging Networks – November 3

Volta SF Headquarters with CEO Scott Mercer-Loren McDonald

4. California’s EV Rebate Changes: A Good Model For The Federal EV Tax Credit – November 29

5. Open Letter To Toyota USA: Go All In On The Prius Prime, Kill The Regular Prius Hybrid – January 20

Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald


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