US EV Charging Network Statistics Through March 31, 2019

As of March 31, 2019 there were 63,003 public combined Level 2 and DC fast charger connections in the US, according to our analysis of data from the Alternative Fuels Data Center. In this post we’ll share several charts that we’ve pulled from the AFDC database.

Breaking the total number of Level 2 and DCFC stations down we see that there were 50,438 Level 2 connections, more than 5 times the 9,898 DCFC connections.

US # Public EV Charging Stations
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Looking at just fast charging stations, Tesla with 5,667 Superchargers has 2.8 times more DCFC stations than second place EVgo. ChargePoint (618), Greenlots (443) and Electrify America (320) are a distant 3 through 5 (not including non-affiliated stations.

US Public EV Charging Station % Market Share

Looking at percentage market share, Tesla commands a dominant share of the DCFC connections at 57%, followed by EVgo at 20%.

Ratio of DC fast chargers to # of locations - US March31 2019

Tesla has an average of more than 9.2 stations per Supercharger location, double the 4.5 of Electrify America. EVgo (2.7) and Greenlots (2.1) were third and fourth, but far behind.

When it comes to Level 2, ChargePoint with 25,578 has more connections than all of the other networks combined. After Unaffiliated stations, Tesla is then far ahead of the other networks with 7,831 connections. EV Connect, however, has the highest average number of connections per location at 4.69, about 2-3 connections more on average than the other networks. 

When combining both Level 2 and DCFC connections, ChargePoint is far ahead of the other networks because of its nearly 26,000 Level 2 stations. Tesla, with nearly 13,500 combined connections has a solid lock on the number 2 spot.

SemaConnect (100%), EV Connect (97.9%), ChargePoint (96.3%), and Blink Network (92.4%) have the highest percentage of Level 2 connections in their US networks. Electrify America (1.0%), EVgo (14.3%), Webasto (34.9%), and Tesla 55.5%) have the smallest percentages of Level 2 connections.

Electrify America vs Tesla

When comparing the two US charging networks owned or affiliated with automakers (Electrify America was set up from the Volkswagen dieselgate settlement), Tesla is well ahead. Electrify America only has 4 Level 2 connections compared to Tesla’s 7,831 Destination Chargers. For DCFC connections, Tesla has nearly 18 times more connections than Electrify America.

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