Sales Growth of US EV Models Peaks After 3 Full Years on the Market

Table-US Top Selling EVs 2011-2017

Do electric vehicles reach peak sales volume after only a few years? Yes, based on my new analysis of top-selling EVs. If we look at the bar chart and table below for 11 top selling EVs from 2011 through 2017, the models for sale at least 3 full years, all have had their peak year […]

Don’t Panic – 7 Trends From January 2018 US EV Sales Numbers

Top 20 Selling EVs - Jan 2018 - Feb 2-InsideEvs

Don’t panic. Yes, the US January electric vehicle sales numbers overall and for many popular models are down significantly compared to December of 2017 – but this is actually a normal seasonal trend. Using InsideEVs Sales Scorecard, I’ve taken a look at the January sales numbers and share 7 sales trends: 1. Low January Numbers […]

Top US EV Sales Trends from 2017

Top 20 Selling EVs in US - 2016-2017

With record sales for the year, including the number of units sold in a single month (December), 9 new models reaching market and growing demand for the Chevrolet Bolt – 2017 was a strong year for electric vehicle sales in the US. But drilling down into the data uncovers that there were both winners and […]

Huge Flaws in Federal EV Tax Credit Will Hurt US Automakers Beginning in 2020

Future GM Electric Crossover

The survival of the Federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit is a good thing for the auto industry and consumers, but several flaws in its design will give EV laggard automakers a significant competitive advantage beginning around 2020. As background, the Federal EV tax credit phases out over 5 quarters beginning the quarter following the […]

US Sales Trends for the “Big 6” EVs Through August 2017

Jan-Aug 2017 Big 6 EV Sales - line chart

After 8 months or two-thirds of 2017, it is pretty clear that GM’s Chevrolet Bolt is finally hitting its sales stride in the US. The “Big 6” EVs – Tesla Model S and X, Chevrolet Bolt and Volt, Toyota Prius Prime and Nissan LEAF – continue outpacing all other battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in […]

Bolt Surpasses Prius Prime Sales in June; EV Sales Up 38% YTD Over 2016

EV US Sales-Market Share-Jan-June 2017

Analyzing EV sales numbers from InsideEVs Monthly Sales Scorecard for the month of June and YTD 2017 uncovers three key trends so far this year: EV Sales Are Trending Above 1% of Total US Auto Sales EV sales as a percentage of total US auto sales have surpassed 1% a few times in previous years, but […]

Median Range for Current BEVs is 124 Miles; Bolt With Lowest Cost Per Mile of Range


The median range across the 13* currently available battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is 124 miles, while the average battery range is 173 miles, based on some new EVAdoption analysis. The average base price across the BEVs is $58,237 and median price is $37,495. The highest range of a non Tesla is of course GM’s Chevrolet Bolt […]