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EV Statistics of the Week: PHEVs By the Numbers

While plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are often derided by electric vehicle purists, they are actually quite popular both with consumers and automakers. As I wrote in the CleanTechnica article, “10 Ways Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) Play A Key Role In The Transition To Pure BEVs,” PHEVs are vital to a future of pure BEVs. Following is a look at PHEVs by the numbers as of December 23, 2017:

Current Available Models:

  • There are 26 plug-in electric hybrid vehicles available in the US.
  • BMW offers five PHEVs, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo each have three available PHEV models, followed by Ford, GM and Porsche with two each.
  • View our list of currently available (in the US) PHEVs

(click to see full table)Current PHEVs Table - Top of Chart

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Electric-Only Range:

  • Average battery-only range is 22.8 miles
  • Median range is 21.0 miles.

Average Price:

  • Average base price is $55,391 and median price is $44,875
  • Chevrolet Volt has the highest battery-only range at 53 miles
  • Chevrolet Volt also has the lowest cost per mile of range at $643
  • Mercedes C350e has the least battery-only range at a paltry 11 miles. While at 15 miles of range and a base price of $143,400, BMW’s i8 sports car has the honor of the highest cost per mile of range at $9,560.

Percent of Electric Vehicle Sales:

  • Between January 2011 and August 2017, 322,186 PHEVs have been purchased in the US, compared to 325,377 BEVs.
  • PHEVs have comprised 49.8% of EV sales between January 2011 and August 2017.

Sales by State:

  • California is far and away the state that purchases the most PHEVs, at 47.7% during the January 2011 to August 2017 time frame.

PHEVs 2011-Aug 2017 ZEV Auto Alliance By State

  • During the period of January 2013 to August 2017, California purchased within its state about double the percentage of PHEVs of the next highest state, Vermont.

    PHEVs By State Jan 2013-Aug 2017 ZEV Auto Alliance

Future PHEVs:

  • About 25% of the announced future EVs are expected to be PHEVs. (see the list)
Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald


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