Stat of the Week: Percent of Households That Rent By Country

Countries with most renters-Statista-Featured Image-3

One of the most common refrains among electric vehicle (EV) advocates around the world is: “Most EV owners will charge at home 95% (or most, or 90%) of the time.” The problem with this sentiment is that it assumes that everyone lives in a home with easy access to a garage and electrical outlet. But […]

Ford Is Going All In On … Hybrids. Say What?


On March 15 Ford made several announcements about the company’s future product plans which revealed a clear focus on trucks, SUVs and hybrid platforms. While electric models were also discussed, the company is clearly going all in on hybrid technology – a strategy I find a bit perplexing in light of hybrid sales trends and […]

EV Experts Share Their Predictions for 2018

What will be the biggest EV story in 2018

What does the rest of 2018 hold in store for electric vehicles? My December CleanTechnica predictions article, “2 Dozen Electric Vehicle Predictions For 2018,” generated hundreds of comments and some great conversation about likely EV trends happening in 2018. That engagement inspired me to then seek out predictions from several industry experts. So, to explore […]