What Drove Surprise Release Of Tesla Model Y Standard Range? (CleanTechnica)

(Original post January 10, 2021) – Half a year after Elon Musk said, in July 2020, that Tesla would not launch an under-250-mile-range Model Y Standard Range, the company did just that, rolling out the cheaper Model Y on its website on Thursday, January 6 2021.

In the US, this means that the popular Model Y crossover is now available in three variations and at significantly different price points and range combinations:

  • Standard Range: $41,990 | 244 miles of EPA range | $172/kWh
  • Long Range: $49,990| 326 miles of EPA range | $153/kWh
  • Performance: $59,990 | 303 miles of EPA range | $198/kWh

At $8,000 more and with 82 more miles of range, the Long Range version of the Model Y actually has the lowest cost per kWh. But at a starting price of roughly $42,000 versus $50,000, the Standard Range becomes very attractive and more affordable to a lot more US households.

Read the full article on CleanTechnica.

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  1. Canadian households too. Plus I would imagine it will be available with a purchase credit here, where the long range isn’t because of price threshold.

    I like the data on your site, very cool. Can I use it in my YouTube video sometime? channel: http://www.YouTube.com/c/RockyMountainTesla

    I would link the site in the description. Great content here!

        1. Thanks. No on the API question … in the future I will be moving to a separate subscription services and site clients can login to to access a variety of databases. It will definitely be downloadable for clients … API would be a possibility well out in the future.

  2. Ok, sounds good. I referred someone to your site that may want that kind of service in the future. If you have any cold weather content for EV’s feel free to use any of my content in the future.


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