Why EVAdoption.com?

Vehicles powered by batteries are the clear future of the auto industry. It is only a matter of when.

Trying to answer this question of “When will mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs ) occur?” is the goal of this blog and website. I will be monitoring and analyzing industry trends and developments, government regulation and consumer behavior.  Additionally you can expect some prescriptions to help speed up the transition to fully electric vehicles.

While I consider myself a lifetime supporter of all things “green,” I also try to be a realist. Some EV enthusiasts would like to see governments ban the internal combustion engine, provide larger tax incentives for electric cars and expect suburban families to be satisfied with less than 100-mile range of most current EV offerings.

These attitudes are not only unrealistic, they also are counter productive to gaining greater support among legislators, manufacturers and consumers alike. As such, the analysis and recommendations on EVAdoption.com  will attempt to be pragmatic, realistic and “speak” to even the non-EV believers.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the site information and upcoming blog posts.

Loren McDonald



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Loren McDonald


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