Webinar Services

EVAdoption provides EV related businesses with a complete range of consulting, content and managed services to drive the highest ROI from your webinar program. Loren McDonald has presented on, moderated, or managed more than 200 webinars and can provide companies advice and learnings gleaned from more than 12 years of webinar program experience. Our services include:

  • Webinar strategy and program development
  • Webinar managed services
  • Performance optimization and reviews
  • Sponsored webinar plans and media plans
  • Promotional plans
  • Email marketing and marketing automation optimization
  • Speaker and presentation coaching

If you have a need to either launch a new or improve an existing webinar program, please email loren(at)EVadoption.com (use the “@” symbol, I’ve used “(at)” to prevent spammers from harvesting the email address) to schedule a call.

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