US BEV Forecast by OEM & Brands: 2022-2030


Which automaker will sell the most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the US from 2022 through 2030? 

Will Tesla continue its dominance or will GM and Ford deliver on their promises to outsell Tesla in the US? How will start-up automakers such as Lucid Motors, Rivian, and Fisker rank at the end of this decade?

Which brand and automakers will have the most BEV models, but who will have the highest average sales per model over the 2022-2030 period?

This report will answer these questions and more. The forecast, updated in late July 2022, is based on EVAdoption sales forecasts for 249 BEV models — available or expected to be available in the US — across 54 brands and 37 automakers (OEMs).

This forecast includes:

  • Excel file with 15 tables and 11 charts/graphs.
  • A PDF report with 11 charts/graphs and analysis.

Note: The Excel file and report PDF include the aggregated sales by brand and automaker (OEM) and NOT sales for each individual 249  BEV models.

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Report charts/graphs include the following:

  • BEV Sales To Reach 7.8 Million And 44.6% Sales Share In 2030
  • Top 15 Automakers By Total BEV Sales: 2022-2030
  • Top 15 Automakers By Total BEV Sales Percentage: 2022-2030
  • Top 15 Brands By Total BEV Sales: 2022-2030
  • Top 16 Brands By Total BEV Sales Percentage: 2022-2030
  • Tesla BEV Sales Share Declines To 18% From 56%: 2022-2030
  • At 66% Share, Tesla To Dominate BEV Sales Among New OEMs
  • New OEMs Expected To Comprise 35% Of BEV Sales In 2030
  • Number Of BEV Models Expected To Increase 195 By 2030
  • 17 OEMs Expected To Have 5 Or More BEV Models In The US
  • Tesla Dominates Total Sales Per BEV Model: 2022-2030


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