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Light Vehicle Sales Forecast by Powertrain: 2022-2028


Note: This is a forecast of aggregated sales and NOT sales by state, brand, or individual model.

The forecast, updated in July 2023, is based on the EVAdoption EV Model Database and yearly sales forecasts on hundreds of individual current and expected future BEV and PHEV models. 


The overall forecast of annual passenger US light vehicle sales is based on recent sales trends and expected future cyclical economic and auto sales trends.


Files included:

  • Excel file with 7 sheets (tabs)
  • PDF with 9 charts/graphs.


The forecasted sales from 2022-2028 include the following powertrain types and combinations:

  • EV (BEV + PHEV)
  • BEV (battery electric vehicle) 
  • PHEV (plug-in hybrid) 
  • FCEV (fuel cell) 
  • HEV (regular, non-plug in hybrid) 
  • All powertrains (BEV + PHEV + FCEV + HEV + Gas/Diesel only* + Non alt fuel total)


* Includes large pickups and transit vans.

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