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EV & Hybrid – Sales & Sales Share By State: 2011-2022


Note: This is the aggregated sales and not sales by brand or individual model.

In this Excel spreadsheet, you will find vehicle sales by type of powertrain for each US state and the District of Columbia for the years 2011 through 2022. 

Each sheet by year includes:

  • Fuel cell (FCEV) sales 
  • BEV (battery electric vehicle) sales
  • PHEV (plug-in hybrid) sales
  • HEV (regular, non-plug in hybrid) sales

And for the years* 2013 through 2022, each sheet also includes:

  • Fuel cell (FCEV) market share
  • BEV (battery electric vehicle) market share
  • PHEV (plug-in hybrid) market share
  • HEV (regular, non-plug in hybrid) market share
*2011-2012 does not include sales share.

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