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New Report: Electrify America California Corridor/Urban Q3 2021 EV Charging Utilization Averages 4.8% Per Port (Charger)

Analysis of the Electrify America Q3 2021 Report to California Air Resources Board reveals an average utilization rate of their DC fast charger highway corridor and urban locations of 4.8%. This is just one of the findings and data points from the just released EVAdoption report, California EV Charging Network Utilization.

Report cover with information and cost

Most charging locations suffer from a combination of a high cost of deployment and a low number of daily charging sessions. As such, utilization — the percent of session time in a 24-hour period of individual chargers — has become a key metric to monitor the health of the industry and individual companies and charging locations. Unfortunately, the utilization metric is also generally a well-kept secret among the networks. 

The one exception is Electrify America, which is required as part of Volkswagen’s diesel-gate scandal settlement to produce public reports outlining its progress toward commitments. This report — based on data from Electrify America’s Q3 2021 California report — includes key findings, analysis, and 14 charts. 

The data and charts cover three charging use case/location types:

  • Highway corridor/urban locations
  • Multi-family unit developments (MUD)
  • Workplace

Charts and data included for each location type include:

  • Number of locations/charging ports/ports per location
  • Number of charging sessions per day
  • Utilization rate (percentage)
  • kWh used per session
  • Time per charging session/per day

And for most metrics, the data is presented as:

  • Mean (average)
  • Median
  • Top quartile
  • Bottom quartile
  • Highest data point

Purchasers of the report will also receive the raw data in an Excel file.

Sample Chart: Corridor DC Fast Chargers Average 0.6 Hours Per Session

Corridor/urban DC fast chargers saw a mean, median, and top quartile of 0.6 hours (35 minutes) of use per session, while the bottom quartile averaged a slightly shorter session time of 0.5 hours (30 minutes) per session.

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