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An emerging and competitive space in the EV charging ecosystem is mobile EV chargers. These range from small portable battery packs on wheels like a luggage roller bag to massive battery packs housed on trailers — and everything in between.

EV charging power ranges from AC Level 2 to DC fast chargers and customers range from consumers, fleets, building owners, and mobile service providers. Most solutions are purchased but some are available for rental or “as a service.”

Common uses for these mobile EV charging solutions include:

  • For urban EV drivers without a garage
  • Apartment owners or workplaces in lieu of expensive permanent charging deployments
  • Spare power in case of running out of power
  • Roadside assistance charging
  • Charging EVs at EV drive events, festivals, sporting and other events
  • Charging electric trucks, vans or buses at remote locations
  • Most can also be used as portable power stations for back-up during an emergency.

Some of the mobile battery charging solutions include:

Visit Freewire Technologies website for more information.

Lightning Mobile is a mobile charging station for commercial EVs. Designed to be installed in a trailer, it’s the perfect solution for charging electric trucks, vans or buses at remote locations. Equipped with Lightning Mobile, fleets can enjoy peace of mind knowing that no vehicles will be stranded.

  • High capacity battery storage
  • DC Fast Charge output up to 80kW
  • Charge it with Level 2 AC EVSE
  • Customizable to fit a wide variety of applications
  • Can be used to provide DC Fast Charge service from L2 infrastructure
  • Active thermal management for operational efficiency and long battery life

For more information, visit the Lightning Motors website.

The Portable Electric VOLTstack® Mobile EV Charger can accommodate Level 2 and Level 3 DC Charging. VOLTstack® can also be used across the full range of electric vehicle needs: boost charging, temporary charging sites, or deployable recharging on demand.

In addition to powering Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Portable Electric VOLTstack® Mobile EV Charger can provide power for other off-grid applications, like live events, film sets, emergency backup power and to support power for wildfire response crews.

Visit website for more information.

Accordion Content

The Go portable charger is a ‘smart’ charger on wheels, no bigger than a compact suitcase, that is designed for simplicity, affordability and appeal. The Go is charged from any electrical outlet, then wheeled to your EV using the retractable handle where you plug it into the charge port using a standard mobile charging cable that comes with most EVs.

The Go provides up to 20-40 miles of range (depending on the capacity and vehicle) – sufficient for everyday needs and enough for the average commute. A full charge is delivered to your EV by the Go in approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on capacity and temperature. Control everything via the Go app which auto schedules charging at the lowest cost, providing status updates and tracking.

For more information, visit the Zip Charge website.


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