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Exclusive Special Report: Analyzing US Sales Trends of EVs Versus ICE Powertrains Across Shared Models

The median price differential between the EV version of a vehicle available in the US and its sister ICE or regular hybrid version is $8,608 or a premium of 30%.

This was one of 7 key findings in EVAdoption’s new report, Analyzing US Sales Trends of EVs Versus ICE Powertrains Across Shared Models.

We analyzed 24 different models that are currently available in the US with either a traditional internal combustion engine version or regular hybrid AND plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or full battery electric version (BEV).

We are making this new report available free to newsletter subscribers. We’ve posted the 23-page PDF report on Dropbox where you can view online or download.

Cover - Analyzing Trends Powertrains Across Shared Models

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Here is the overview of the 7 key findings from the report:

#1: EVs Have a Near 10% Mean Share of Total Model Sales  

#2: Median Price Differential Was $8,608 and 30%

#3: Range, Price Differential and Distinction Matter

Key finding #3 Rang-Price differential-distinction

#4: Low Lease Payments Trump Range

#5: Prius Buyers Are “Primed” To Go Electric Price differential Prius and Prius Prime

#6: Luxury Buyers Are Not Deterred by EV Price Premiums

#7: Desperately Seeking Electric SUVs

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Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald


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