In the month of June 2017, the top 25 selling vehicles in the US accounted for 46.5% of all autos sold. Using the 287 cars tracked by, that means that the top 25 comprise only 8.7% of available vehicles, but sell more than 4 times that.

Within the top 25, there is not a single stand alone PHEV or BEV, but two vehicles – the Ford Fusion Energi (PHEV) and Ford Focus BEV – are available as EV versions of the regular internal combustion engine (ICE) models.

Top 25 US Auto Sales – By Model (Through June 2017)

June 2017 Sales
% Change over June 2016
Model Type
Current Hybrid, PHEV, BEV or FCV Versions?
Future (new) Hybrid, PHEV, BEV or FCV Versions? - Type
Future (new) Hybrid, PHEV, BEV or FCV Versions?-
Estimated Launch Year
1Ford F-Series77,8959.80%PickupNoHybrid2020
2Chevrolet Silverado50,5151.70%PickupNoNoNA
3Ram P/U43,0735.00%PickupNoNoNA
4Toyota RAV434,12024.70%Small CUV/SUVHybridNoNA
5Nissan Rogue32,53318.60%Small CUV/SUVHybridNoNA
6Toyota Corolla31,051-4.50%Small sedanNoNoNA
7Honda Civic30,909-2.80%Mid-sized sedanHybridNoNA
8Honda Accord29,7913.40%Mid-sized sedanHybridNoNA
9Toyota Camry29,463-9.50%Mid-sized sedanHybridNoNA
10Chevrolet Equinox29,18249.00%SUVNoNoNA
11Honda CR-V28,342-4.30%Small crossoverNoHybrid2018
12Nissan Altima28,042-8.00%Mid-sized sedanNoNoNA
13Ford Escape27,151-6.40%Small SUVNoNoNA
14Ford Explorer24,28519.30%Mid-sized SUVNoNoNA
15Nissan Sentra22,5348.70%Mid-sized sedanNoNoNA
16Jeep Grand Cherokee20,17621.00%SUVNoNoNA
17Jeep Wrangler18,839-6.00%Small SUVNoNoNA
18Ford Fusion18,139-31.60%Large sedanHybrid, PHEVNoNA
19Toyota Highlander17,23728.30%Mid-sized SUVHybridNoNA
20Toyota Tacoma16,4434.00%PickupNoNoNA
21Ford Focus15,575-20.10%HatchbackBEVNoNA
22GMC Sierra15,473-8.30%PickupNoNoNA
23Subaru Forester15,44028.40%Small SUVNoNoNA
24Subaru Outback14,0194.50%Small SUVNoHybrid2018
25Ford Edge13,41120.00%CrossoverNoNoNA

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