California Reaches 7.84% EV Market Share for 2018; US Hits 1.97%

2018 was the best year in history for sales of electric vehicles in the US with a total of 328,118 BEVs and PHEVs and an increase of 74.5% over 2017 (187,985), according to data from the Auto Alliance and IHS Markit. (Note: These numbers differ somewhat from the sales numbers from the InsideEVs Sales Scorecard that we have based 2018 data on previously.)

Sales of BEVs in the US reached 203,625 units, an increase of 112% over 2017’s 96,261 units. For the first time in the US, BEVs and PHEVs (328,118) outsold regular hybrids (323,912) in 2018. Hybrids had lowest sales in the US since 2011. Sales of fuel cell vehicles declined slightly to 1,735 from 1,862 in 2017.

Overall 2011-2018 US sales by type

Unsurprisingly, California continues to comprise nearly half of US EV sales with 46.8% in 2018. New York was second with 4.8% of US sales, followed by Florida (4.2%) and Washington (3.9%). Thirteen states accounted for 81% of US EV sales and 6 states contributed 66% of sales.

US States With Highest EV Sales in 2018-EVAdoption
US States With Highest EV Sales in 2018-EVAdoption

California reached 7.84% for all of 2018, but reached a high mark market share in the state at 12.59% in October and a low of 4.69% in February. Over the second half of 2018, California averaged 9.69% and in Q4 sales averaged 10.51%.

California EV Sales & Market Share By Month - 2018

For the first time ever, BEV sales outpaced regular hybrid sales in California by 18% (91,171 to 77,198). And BEV + PHEV sales outsold regular hybrids by 98.8% (153,442 to 77,198). This is the second year in a row that EVs outsold regular hybrids in California.

California Alternative Powertrain Sales- 2011-2018
California Alternative Powertrain Sales- 2011-2018-line chart
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