US Big 3 Auto: EVs Today and Tomorrow

Are the Big 3 auto companies – General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler – serious about electric cars? Let’s look at their recent/current plug-in hybrid and pure battery electric model offerings:

Big 3 auto - current-recent PHEVs-BEVs-May 2017

That’s it, 3 currently available battery electric vehicles and 5 plug-in hybrids. Two models (Cadillac ELR and Chevrolet Spark) were discontinued in 2016 and one, the Fiat 500e is a compliance car and only available in two states.

In the next few years American auto buyers are going to see a flurry of EV activity with several PHEV or BEV models being brought to market, right?

Based on what’s been announced, that would be a big no. In fact, unless I’ve missed something only ONE non-commercial electric vehicle has been promised by the Big 3 auto companies, a pure battery electric SUV from Ford:

Big 3 Auto - announced EVs

To use my cousin Slim Pickens name, that would mean there aren’t a lot of options for US consumers who might be interested in taking the EV plunge.

It will be interesting to monitor any new EV announcements in 2017 by the Big 3 – especially in light of the replacement of Ford CEO Mark Fields, respectable sales of the Chevrolet Bolt so far and upcoming launch of the Tesla Model 3.

Stay tuned!

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