EV Sales By State: Q1 2022


Looking for recent electric vehicle sales (registration) numbers and sales share by state? Did you know that:

  • California reached 15.8% BEV sales share in Q1 2022, while Louisiana, the bottom state, only had a BEV sales share of 0.7%.
  • Four states had a combined BEV + PHEV sales share of at least 10%.
  • Eight states had a combined BEV + PHEV sales share of less than 2%.
  • 26 states had a PHEV sales share of less than 1%, while only three were above 3% sales share.


This Excel file includes sales (registrations) and sales share (percent of total light passenger vehicle sales) for Q1 2022 for the following powertrain types:

  • Fuel cell (FCEV) 
  • BEV (battery electric vehicle) 
  • PHEV (plug-in hybrid) 
  • HEV (regular, non-plug in hybrid) 
  • Total EV (BEV + PHEV) 


The Excel spreadsheet also includes the data source and definitions of each column of data.

Note: This is the aggregated sales and not sales by brand or individual model.

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