US EV Sales: 1H 2021


How many electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in the US by model and type (BEV versus PHEV) in the first half (January through June) of 2021? In this new report from EVAdoption, we provide the answers to these and many other US EV sales questions.

The EVAdoption 1H 2021 EV Sales Report includes a PDF report with 24 tables and charts, along with an Excel file with the sales data by model. The report charts include. 

The Excel file includes the following EV sales (BEV and PHEV) for 1H 2021:

  • Sales for Q1, Q2 and total 1H
  • Sales by PHEV and BEV
  • Sales for PHEVs and BEVs totaled for 1H
  • Data source – whether sales for a specific model was from an automaker’s sales report, or estimated by EVAdoption.

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Below is a list of all 24 tables/charts included in the report:

2.Q1, Q2 & 1H 2021 US EV Sales

3.Top 15-Selling BEV & PHEV Models 1H 2021

4.BEV Models By Percentage of Total 1H BEV Sales

5.Top 15 PHEV Models By Percentage of Total 1H PHEV Sales

6.Top 10 Best-Selling BEV Models: 1H 2021

7.Mean Sales Per BEV & PHEV Model 1H 2021

8.Median Sales Per BEV & PHEV Model 1H 2021

9.Number of BEV and PHEV Models: Q1, Q2 and 1H 2021

10.1H 2021 US Sales of Various PHEV Models

11.Overall EV Sales Increase/Decrease Q2 Over Q1

12.BEVs With A Sales Increase Q2 Over Q1 

13.BEVs With A Sales Decrease Q2 Over Q1

14.Top 15 PHEVs With A Sales Increase Q2 Over Q1

15.Second 13 PHEVs With A Sales Increase Q2 Over Q1

16.PHEVs With Worst Sales Increase Q2 Over Q1

17.Total Tesla Model Sales as a % of BEV & PHEV Sales

18.OEM EV (BEV & PHEV) Sales Share of Total 1H 2021 EV Sales

19.OEM EV (BEV & PHEV) Sales 1H 2021 EV Sales

20.OEM Average Sales Per EV Model: 1H 2021

21.Number of EV Models Available in the US Per OEM: 1H 2021

22.US EV Sales /Share By Country Where Vehicle is Assembled

23.US Electric Vehicle Sales 2018 – 2021

24.1/4 of All EVs Sold To Date in the US Will Occur in 2021


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