NEVI Plans (Basic)


Looking for all of the state NEVI plans that you can easily access in one place?

EVAdoption has built a National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Plan database that will include the plans for all 50 states (plus District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). As of now, 43 states have published their NEVI plans publicly and are available in our database, with the other 9 states waiting until around October.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will approve all of the state plans by late September and states will revise their plans as needed and then make them available to the public. As they become available, we will add these plans to the database and update existing plans that are revised.

What is Included in the NEVI Plans (Basic) Database?

In the initial NEVI Plans Basic database plan, you will be able to access the 43 plans and some basic additional information. And as other plans become available in/around October 2022 or existing plans are revised, these will also be available in your NEVI Plans subscription.

Data Fields: In the Basic plan, a limited number of data fields will include:

  • State
  • Link to the state’s NEVI or EV charging website page
  • Yes/No if the plan has been published
  • Link to view and download the state NEVI plan PDF
  • FHWA funding amount allocated per state
  • The matching 20% funding amount
  • Total Federal + matching funding dollars
  • The estimated number of sites  to be built in a state (based on a rough estimate of 75% of funding going to new sites at $1,000,000 site versus the updating of existing Alternative Fuel Corridor (AFC) sites that have less than 4, 150 kW DC fast chargers).
  • The estimated number of DC fast chargers (number of sites time 4 DC fast chargers per site)

Access/Features: Subscribers would have 24/7 access and would get the plan updates as soon as they become available and we can get them into the database. With our database you can:

  • Search
  • Sort columns
  • Use filters
  • Export a CSV file

Cost: $249 for an annual subscription, renewable each year.

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To get immediate access to the 43 plans that have been published to date, and all plans published in the future or updated, sign up for your subscription here. The subscription process requires completion of three steps.

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NEVI Plans (Detail)

Available For Upgrade in the Coming Months!

What: Detailed information extracted from each state NEVI plan. We are anticipating 25-30+ data fields. The exact ones will be driven by requests and feedback from NEVI Plans (Basic) clients.

When: Likely around October 2022. 

Cost: TBD.