How Google, Apple and Amazon May Participate in the EV Charging Market Opportunity

Google Nest

Residential EV charging stations have the potential to be one of the largest segments of the smart home product market and perhaps will be a bigger market than that for home energy management devices. In the long-haul these products and markets will likely merge or at least be complementary integrated products. I estimate that just […]

Technology Obsolescence: The Auto Industry’s Lurking Challenge

cell phones please destroy

The automotive industry is undergoing transformation and challenges unlike anything it has seen in the last 100 years. Autonomous vehicles, car and ride sharing, and changing consumer values among millennials to baby boomers threaten to reduce personal ownership of vehicles. China is now the largest auto market in the world which brings new opportunities but […]

89% of Consumers Say They Prefer to Own a Car Over Using Ride Sharing – NADA Survey


Nine out of 10 respondents (89%) to a new study commissioned by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) said they would rather continue owning a car, versus one out of 10 respondents (11%) who said they would prefer using ride-hailing as their exclusive mode of personal transportation. According to NADA, this question was asked after presenting […]

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Mobile Energy Storage Devices

Nissan Vehicle to Grid - V2G

Today automotive vehicles are an asset of negative value when not in motion transporting people and cargo. In the future, however, an electric vehicle (EV) connected to the power grid and used for energy storage could actually have greater economic value when it is actually at rest. In part 1 (Electric Vehicles Need a Fundamental […]

EVs as Demand Response Vehicles for the Power Grid and Excess Clean Energy

BMW i3 with man charging - V2G

Delivering electricity to consumers and businesses during peak demand periods is an ongoing challenge for utilities. Most utilities already have demand response programs in place that use time-based rates or other financial incentives to encourage consumers to reduce or shift their electricity usage during peak periods of demand on the power grid. Electric vehicles can […]