Will the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV Become the “New Prius”?

Toyota RAV4 PHEV

With crossovers and SUVs dominating sales and plug-in hybrids also seeming to be on the rise, the RAV4 Prime could be the dominant selling plug-in hybrid in the US for the next several years. In essence, both its plug in aspect and being an SUV makes it the “new Prius.”

Toyota USA Perplexed On What To Do With the Prius

Toyota Prius vs Prius PHV-Prime US Sales

Sometimes the answer is so simple. It might even be sitting right in front of you so that you can’t seem to see it. Such seems to be the case with executives at Toyota USA. In the December 16 CNBC article, Toyota struggles to save breakthrough Prius hybrid, a Toyota executive admits to not knowing […]

Is There Still a Need for New Regular Hybrids?


Guest post by James Foster of EVRater With the release of the Hyundai Ioniq in three variations (regular hybrid, plugin hybrid, and Electric), the consumer is faced with a complex decision. Does the regular hybrid have a future? If you are moving from a regular gas-powered vehicle, which way do you go? When the Toyota […]