Toyota USA Perplexed On What To Do With the Prius

Toyota Prius vs Prius PHV-Prime US Sales

Sometimes the answer is so simple. It might even be sitting right in front of you so that you can’t seem to see it. Such seems to be the case with executives at Toyota USA. In the December 16 CNBC article, Toyota struggles to save breakthrough Prius hybrid, a Toyota executive admits to not knowing […]

Do You Live in an EV Bubble?

BEV & PHEV Sales by State - January 2011-June 2018 - Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

The last several weeks have been a great reminder for me of the “EV bubble” that I and many people steeped in the world of electric vehicles actually live in. In the past few months I’ve traveled from my suburban location in Northern California to Italy, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Madison (Wisconsin), Boston, Toronto, Las Vegas, […]

6 Strategic Mistakes GM Made With the Chevrolet Bolt (Part 3: Price is too high)

Chevy Bolt-starting price

At a base price of $34,000 to $39,000 the Bolt seems too expensive for the car that it is. The Premium version of the Bolt, which doesn’t actually have much of a premium feel, will run you nearly $43,000, before tax incentives. At that price I wouldn’t expect manual seat controls and a plastic dash. Someone […]