EVs Require Consumers to Consider New Factors During Their Vehicle-Purchase Process

Most Important Factors When Buying a Car - Statista

One of the behavioral challenges that electric vehicles present to consumers is that buying an EV requires them to consider entirely new factors and questions. Say you are in your 40s and you’ve been driving and buying cars since your teens. According to various research on what factors consumers consider when buying a car, things […]

Will California Reach 10% EV Sales Market Share By December 2018?

Featured image - California EV sales & market share - 2013-2018

California reached an impressive 7.83% EV market share of new vehicle registrations for the month of April 2018. Could California reach 10% by the end of 2018? In short, yes. The new numbers for April are just in from the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers Advanced Technology Sales Dashboard and portend that 2018 could see nearly […]

California & EVs: By the Numbers – 20 Statistics That Might Surprise You

California & EVs - by the numbers

China and California are the two most important geographic markets in the world when it comes to the adoption of electric vehicles. China is critical because it is now both the largest auto market in the world but with government requiring strict electric vehicle goals in the coming years, auto manufacturers are forced to produce […]

Don’t Panic – 7 Trends From January 2018 US EV Sales Numbers

Top 20 Selling EVs - Jan 2018 - Feb 2-InsideEvs

Don’t panic. Yes, the US January electric vehicle sales numbers overall and for many popular models are down significantly compared to December of 2017 – but this is actually a normal seasonal trend. Using InsideEVs Sales Scorecard, I’ve taken a look at the January sales numbers and share 7 sales trends: 1. Low January Numbers […]

Statistics of the Week: Comparing Vehicle Ranges for Gas, BEV and PHEV Models

Range - Gas-BEV-PHEV-1.27.18

Will vehicle range be the biggest hurdle to achieving adoption of electric vehicles by late adopters and laggards in the US? Cost of EVs, availability of attractive models of the type US consumers want (SUVs, CUVs, pickups), adequate charger availability and acceptable charging times should arrive in the next 10 years. And an average range […]

EV Statistics of the Week: Historical US EV Sales, Growth & Market Share

US EV Sales 2008-2017-InsideEVs

US vehicle sales numbers are in for 2017 and so this week we’ve captured and compared light and electric vehicle sales, growth and market share since 2011. For the first time in US history, sales of EVs – both plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) – finished above the 1 percent market share […]

Electric Vehicle Predictions for 2018: EV Charging

Tesla-Kettleman-City-Supercharger-center -featured image

It is that time of year for the cavalcade of lists of predictions to start appearing in the media and blogs. So with that in mind I will do my best Carnac the Magnificent impression and share my electric vehicle predictions for 2018. This predictions post will focus on developments in EV charging technology and […]