EV Experts Share Their Predictions for 2018

What will be the biggest EV story in 2018

What does the rest of 2018 hold in store for electric vehicles? My December CleanTechnica predictions article, “2 Dozen Electric Vehicle Predictions For 2018,” generated hundreds of comments and some great conversation about likely EV trends happening in 2018. That engagement inspired me to then seek out predictions from several industry experts. So, to explore […]

Electric Vehicles Are the Future: So What Are the Implications?

Question mark questions implications of a future of electric vehicles

In my previous post, The Electric Vehicle Question is Now “When?” Rather Than “If?”, I argued that in 2017 it became abundantly clear that battery-powered electric vehicles were the future of transportation. So if the auto and related industries are not arguing about things like hydrogen fuel cell versus battery electric propulsion – what topics and debates […]

The Electric Vehicle Question is Now “When?” Rather Than “If?”

The Economist cover - End of the internal combustion engine August 12, 2017

It is difficult to point to a specific moment in 2017, but a significant milestone occurred. This is when the discussion around electric vehicles as the future of how cars and trucks would be powered, went from a question of “If?” to “When?” As recent as late 2016 and into early 2017, the auto industry […]

Did Mercedes-Benz Just Get Schooled in Social Media By EV and Tesla Fans?

Mercedes-Benz - featured image tweet without car image

On August 3, the following seemingly harmless post appeared on the Mercedes-Benz Retail Twitter account: The Mercedes-Benz social media person or team asked a simple question – “Would you consider switching to an electric car?” – likely in hopes of generating some online engagement with followers and perhaps a little informal research. The conversation started […]

6 Strategic Mistakes GM Made With the Chevrolet Bolt (Part 3: Price is too high)

Chevy Bolt-starting price

At a base price of $34,000 to $39,000 the Bolt seems too expensive for the car that it is. The Premium version of the Bolt, which doesn’t actually have much of a premium feel, will run you nearly $43,000, before tax incentives. At that price I wouldn’t expect manual seat controls and a plastic dash. Someone […]

What is Tony Seba smoking? – EVAdoption News – May 20, 2017

Petrol cars will vanish in 8 years, says US report from Stanford economist

The hot story this week is Stanford Professor Tony Seba’s prediction that we’ll see the end of ICE cars in 8 years. I’m not buying. Also, my CleanTechnica series on the Chevy Bolt generated some great dialog, with more than 440 comments across 3 articles. – Loren McDonald General Petrol cars will vanish in 8 […]

When Will the US Federal EV Tax Credit Expire for Tesla Buyers?

Tax Credit Phase Out Chart

One of the most frequent questions you see these days in electric vehicle forums, blog comments and Facebook groups is some variation of the following: “I reserved my Tesla Model 3 on (fill the date), will I still be eligible for the $7,500 Federal tax credit when my car becomes available? There are several variables […]

“CARMA”: An EV Adoption Framework for U.S. Auto Buyers

CARMA - A framework for consumer adoption of EVs

Remember a few short years ago when the hot debate was whether cars in the future would be predominantly powered by fuel-cells versus batteries? And even more fundamentally, if electric vehicles (EVs) would ever move beyond the niche “green” and luxury-performance buying market? My how sentiment seems to have changed recently. Today, there is growing […]

Why EVAdoption.com?

Diffusion of Innovation

Vehicles powered by batteries are the clear future of the auto industry. It is only a matter of when. Trying to answer this question of “When will mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs ) occur?” is the goal of this blog and website. I will be monitoring and analyzing industry trends and developments, government regulation and consumer behavior.  Additionally you can […]