Sales Growth of US EV Models Peaks After 3 Full Years on the Market

Table-US Top Selling EVs 2011-2017

Do electric vehicles reach peak sales volume after only a few years? Yes, based on my new analysis of top-selling EVs. If we look at the bar chart and table below for 11 top selling EVs from 2011 through 2017, the models for sale at least 3 full years, all have had their peak year […]

Ford Is Going All In On … Hybrids. Say What?


On March 15 Ford made several announcements about the company’s future product plans which revealed a clear focus on trucks, SUVs and hybrid platforms. While electric models were also discussed, the company is clearly going all in on hybrid technology – a strategy I find a bit perplexing in light of hybrid sales trends and […]

Don’t Panic – 7 Trends From January 2018 US EV Sales Numbers

Top 20 Selling EVs - Jan 2018 - Feb 2-InsideEvs

Don’t panic. Yes, the US January electric vehicle sales numbers overall and for many popular models are down significantly compared to December of 2017 – but this is actually a normal seasonal trend. Using InsideEVs Sales Scorecard, I’ve taken a look at the January sales numbers and share 7 sales trends: 1. Low January Numbers […]

Top US EV Sales Trends from 2017

Top 20 Selling EVs in US - 2016-2017

With record sales for the year, including the number of units sold in a single month (December), 9 new models reaching market and growing demand for the Chevrolet Bolt – 2017 was a strong year for electric vehicle sales in the US. But drilling down into the data uncovers that there were both winners and […]

Huge Flaws in Federal EV Tax Credit Will Hurt US Automakers Beginning in 2020

Future GM Electric Crossover

The survival of the Federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit is a good thing for the auto industry and consumers, but several flaws in its design will give EV laggard automakers a significant competitive advantage beginning around 2020. As background, the Federal EV tax credit phases out over 5 quarters beginning the quarter following the […]

Electric Vehicle Predictions for 2018: EV Charging

Tesla-Kettleman-City-Supercharger-center -featured image

It is that time of year for the cavalcade of lists of predictions to start appearing in the media and blogs. So with that in mind I will do my best Carnac the Magnificent impression and share my electric vehicle predictions for 2018. This predictions post will focus on developments in EV charging technology and […]