Reducing Carbon Emissions Quickly Is the Goal – Not Quarter-Mile Times

Last week Tesla revealed that its new Model S Plaid EV could reach a speed of near 200 MPH and reach 0 to 60 MPH in 1.99 seconds. While this performance feat is certainly impressive, it detracts from the primary goal of electric vehicles which is to help reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector as quickly as possible.

Price Parity is Not the Key to EV Adoption in the US


Lower battery prices and electric vehicles reaching price parity will be key enablers to driving mass adoption of EVs in the US. But battery and model supply along with ubiquitous charging and consumer comfort with electric refueling are bigger factors that will limit growth in EV sales in the US in the near term.

EVs Require Consumers to Consider New Factors During Their Vehicle-Purchase Process

Most Important Factors When Buying a Car - Statista

One of the behavioral challenges that electric vehicles present to consumers is that buying an EV requires them to consider entirely new factors and questions. Say you are in your 40s and you’ve been driving and buying cars since your teens. According to various research on what factors consumers consider when buying a car, things […]

EV Experts Share Their Predictions for 2018

What will be the biggest EV story in 2018

What does the rest of 2018 hold in store for electric vehicles? My December CleanTechnica predictions article, “2 Dozen Electric Vehicle Predictions For 2018,” generated hundreds of comments and some great conversation about likely EV trends happening in 2018. That engagement inspired me to then seek out predictions from several industry experts. So, to explore […]

5 Months of Chevrolet Bolt Sales: What Do The Numbers Tell Us So Far?

EV Sales January-April 2017

The Chevrolet Bolt is an impressive car and in several ways a breakthrough electric vehicle (EV). So why aren’t Bolts flying off dealer lots and shattering EV sales records as many industry observers had expected? After the first 4 months of 2017, the Chevrolet Bolt has climbed into 5th place in total US BEV/PHEV sales, […]

Future of Electric Vehicles: My Radio Appearance On KQED Forum

KQED Forum Talk Show Electric Vehicles

On Tuesday April 12 I had the honor of being a guest expert on the San Francisco NPR radio station talk show KQED Forum to discuss the future of electric vehicles (EVs). The show, Wall Street Embraces Tesla — But Will American Drivers Follow?, covered a wide swath of topics – from “How the Trump administration […]

“CARMA”: An EV Adoption Framework for U.S. Auto Buyers

CARMA - A framework for consumer adoption of EVs

Remember a few short years ago when the hot debate was whether cars in the future would be predominantly powered by fuel-cells versus batteries? And even more fundamentally, if electric vehicles (EVs) would ever move beyond the niche “green” and luxury-performance buying market? My how sentiment seems to have changed recently. Today, there is growing […]