6 Strategic Mistakes GM Made With the Chevrolet Bolt (Part 3: Price is too high)

Chevy Bolt-starting price

At a base price of $34,000 to $39,000 the Bolt seems too expensive for the car that it is. The Premium version of the Bolt, which doesn’t actually have much of a premium feel, will run you nearly $43,000, before tax incentives. At that price I wouldn’t expect manual seat controls and a plastic dash. Someone […]

What is Tony Seba smoking? – EVAdoption News – May 20, 2017

Petrol cars will vanish in 8 years, says US report from Stanford economist

The hot story this week is Stanford Professor Tony Seba’s prediction that we’ll see the end of ICE cars in 8 years. I’m not buying. Also, my CleanTechnica series on the Chevy Bolt generated some great dialog, with more than 440 comments across 3 articles. – Loren McDonald General Petrol cars will vanish in 8 […]