EV Market Share

This EV Market Share page features electric vehicle sales market share for various markets, including the US overall, various states and US cities as well as global markets. Overall US EV market share statistics will be updated the first week of each month. Other geographic breakdowns will be added or updated when they become available.

United States Electric Vehicle (EV) New Sales Market Share

US EV Sales Share - May 2017

Sales of EVs – both plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have hovered around the 1 percent market share market off and on for awhile, but 2017 looks to be the year where sales stay above this market on a consistent basis.

Growing sales of the Chevrolet Bolt and Toyota Prius Prime are the two biggest factors, at least until the Tesla Model 3 hits the market.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Market Share by Selected US States

US EV Sales-Share By State-2016

Six states and the District of Columbia saw EV sales comprise 1% or more of total auto sales within their state fro all of 2016. At 3.66% for the year, California had nearly double the next highest EV purchase rates held by Oregon and Washington.

Seven states also matched or exceeded their percentage of US auto sales with their percentage of US EV sales. California consumers purchased 12% of autos in the US, but bought more than 50% of all EVs in the US. In essence Californian’s are pulling 4 times their EV purchase weight. While Oregon and Washington buys at a bit more than 2 times their total auto purchase rate.

Electric Vehicle Market Share for California

With EV sales market share hovering around 50 percent of the entire US, California is key to EV adoption in the US.

Calif-IHS Markit-2013-1Q1-2017 - EV+ hybrid Share

Looking at the first 3 months of 2017 for California we see significant growth in pure battery electric (BEV) sales, with a jump to 2.7%. This is a significant milestone as BEVs have now crossed over from the Innovator stage (0-2.5%) and into the Early Adopter (2.5%-16%) phase of technology adoption.

Plug-in hybrid sales reached 2.1%, a nice 0.4 percentage point lift over the full-year 2016 of 1.7%. And combined PHEV and BEV sales climbed to 4,8% for Q1, compared to 3.6% for all of 2016.