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Top Electric Vehicle (EV) Websites & Blogs

April 29, 2017 evadoption2016 0

Trying to keep up with news, announcements, trends and developments happening in the world of electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming overwhelming. So how do you keep up with the volume of EV news and try and make sense if it all? There are dozens and dozens of sites and blogs […]

CARMA - A framework for consumer adoption of EVs

“CARMA”: An EV Adoption Framework for U.S. Auto Buyers

January 1, 2017 evadoption2016 2

Remember a few short years ago when the hot debate was whether cars in the future would be predominantly powered by fuel-cells versus batteries? And even more fundamentally, if electric vehicles (EVs) would ever move beyond the niche “green” and luxury-performance buying market? My how sentiment seems to have changed […]

Diffusion of Innovation

Why EVAdoption.com?

August 27, 2016 evadoption2016 0

Vehicles powered by batteries are the clear future of the auto industry. It is only a matter of when. Trying to answer this question of “When will mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs ) occur?” is the goal of this blog and website. I will be monitoring and analyzing industry trends and developments, government […]